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Hank DeBoer, MT-BC

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Countdowns and some updateage [Aug. 14th, 2008|10:09 pm]
Hank DeBoer, MT-BC
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |TMBG marathon on some Cleveland radio station!]

-2 Days til I get to visit my parents and doggies!
-4 Days til I get to go to the dentist! (I like getting my teeth cleaned...it's a weird thing. I like the pain.)
-5 Days til I get my kitty back! :)
-22 Days til my probation is lifted at work! (Then I'll practically have to kill someone to get fired...and I don't plan to do that.)

Sooooo...My first canoeing experience was 2 Sundays ago. We were out on a lake so I kould learn the basics, and I really dug it. Then I decided to take on a river this past weekend. 8 mile trip! We got there a little after the 10 am trip left, so we went hiking until the noon trip left. While hiking, I pulled a stupid move and somehow stepped on a stick in such a way that it stabbed me in the leg, right below my left knee. I have a huge bruise around it now! It was really strange.

So...the river trip was really cool! We weren't even 2 miles into the trip when we capsized. :P There was a fallen tree that we kouldn't get around in tyme. Only losses were Jordan's baseball cap and his glucose pills. The hat was recovered by the people in the canoe about 200 feet in front of us...but the fishes are having glucose these days. ;)

Further down the river, we met a black dog who was hanging out with all of us. He would doggy paddle right next to us in the deep water, and run in the shallow water next to us. He had so much energy! He was with us and the people in our group for about 5 of the 8 miles. What an amazing dog! In the bus on the way back to the car, one of the people who was kayaking said they saw the dog's name on his tag, and I think it was Max. He was so inkredibly cool.

In most recent news, I was asked to go to the Golden Age Games next week in Indianapolis. I'm gonna be one of the people running the Shuffleboard event! It's gonna be tight. I get to go to Indy and I still get paid for a day at work. Well, I guess I'll be paid for an 8 hour day, and I'll probably be working for about 10 hours...but it's a nice change of scenery.